It’s wet outside but here is what is drying inside…

Some people use cookie racks for cooling fresh baked cookies but in our kitchen I use them to dry herbs. 
– Drying now are calendula flowers, for infusing oils for balms, creams and soap. And making a tincture for making deodorant and bath bombs. Calendula is a gentle but powerful herb, that means it can be used in babies skin as a diaper salve, but don’t let that mistake you into thinking that it is not powerful. It boosts skin cell regeneration, which speeds up healing and it soothes and calms irritated skin. 
Behind the calendula are lavender flowers. Also drying to make infused oils to incorporate in creams and salves and for infusing vinegar as a face toner. 
And the farthest one is hyssop, a local herb to the Middle East. Cousin of oregano and has many similar properties. We use it to make the spice zaatar, which is dried hyssop, sumac and sesame. In addition in is great for digestion so we make an infused vinegar to add to our salad dressing.

Anything growing or drying on your kitchen?
Pls share in the comments.