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Protein Packed Pita

I was listening to an interesting podcast last night from the Weston A. Price Foundation ( about a healthy gut microbiome and healthy soil. The speaker Dr. Zach Bush discusses the digestive permeability caused by modern wheat that is sprayed with glyphosate as a drying agent. This got me in the mood for making a…

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Dates for kombucha secondary ferment:

Since dates are full of natural sugars they are really great for the secondary ferment of kombucha. I put five small dates in the bottles and allow to ferment for one day and then refrigerate. The secondary ferment is done after straining the kombucha from the jar in which the primary fermentation occurs. Where the…

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Respiratory Support Baby Massage Oil:

Massage is a wonderful way to interact with your baby, as babies need so much physical contact. Physical contact relaxes and reassure our babies, makes them feel loved and cared for and supports a strong connection. In addition to all the emotional benefits listed above, there are many physical benefits of massaging your baby. Massage…

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Multivitamin or Condiment?

In the spirit of hypocrites who stated thousands of years ago “let thy food be thy medicine” I’m going to claim that this paprika chumma is both a multivitamin and a condiment. Here are some of the nutrients found in abundance in paprika: Iron: One teaspoon of paprika contains 6% of your daily dietary need…

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Immune balancing remedy

Coming down with something but you have no natural remedies on hand? Here is a Super simple, Super effective, anti-inflammatory and immune balancing remedy made using only two ingredients that you likely have in your pantry. Mix equal amounts of honey and turmeric powder together. Take a tsp every three hours until you feel better,…

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