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Could a fizzy lemonade this delicious be so good for you?

If the 20th century was all about killing bacteria in order to stay healthy, it seems as though the 21st century is all about growing the right kind of bacteria in order to stay healthy.

Our bodies are host to millions of microbes on which we depend for our health and proper function. The shocking statistic is that there are 10 times more microbe cells in our body that ‘human’ cells. We are basically a shell or a host for microbes that are essential to enable our bodies to exist.

We have microbes all over our bodies, both inside and out. For example, we have an oral microbe ecology, a skin microbiome, and the most famous gut microbiome.

The health of our gut microbiome is closely linked to a healthy immune system, to proper digestion and nutrient absorption. In addition, the gut microbes communicate with the brain and according to Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride, dysbiosis (an imbalanced gut microbiome) is linked to emotional health problems (anxiety, depression and many more) as well as impaired cognitive function (brain fog, low concentration, ADD).

There are many protocols that rehabilitate and sustain a healthy gut microbiome and they all include probiotics. According to Sally Fallon Moral, from the Weston A. Price Foundation, there are more healthy microbes in a spoonful of sauerkraut

Then in a whole jar of probiotic supplement! Making homemade a Lacto fermented relish is also very inexpensive and simple, not to mention delicious!

In addition to pickling veggies, you can ferment vinegar or mayonnaise, make fizzy fermented drinks like kombucha or whey soda, ferment milk into cheese and yogurt and even ferment meat into sausage, beef sticks etc.

Here is a great spring probiotic fizzy lemonade to boost your gut microbiome health:

  • ½ cup freshly squeezed lemon juice

  • ½ cup honey

  • 2 cups of water

  • ½ cup of warm water

  • ½ cup whey (the water that is drained out of yogurt or milk kefir)

Mix honey and warm water together and add to the rest of the water. Add the remaining ingredients as mix well. Pour into sealable bottles. Seal the bottles and allow the drink to ferment at room temperature for 2-3 days. Burp the bottles twice a day to avoid too much gas building up in the bottle.


How do you take your probiotics? Do you have a favorite ferment? I’d love to hear from you...

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