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Do your kids love sweets?

Our kids are just crazy for sweets. Maybe it’s their conceived “deprivation” since I really try to minimize our family’s consumption of processed sugar, or it’s unhealthy gut microbes telling their brain to “GET THAT CANDY”. Or maybe it’s every other adult in their life is pushing sugar at them for any occasion. The flood of sugary ‘treats’ is endless.

I hate to be the bad guy all the time but I believe it is my duty to protect them and advocate proactively for their health. I fear that since my stance is so clear and contrary to most people we know it has become an issue in our home. I would hate to think I created any issue surrounding food as I was myself at one time consumed with calorie counting and diets. Just venting here I guess.... Below is a photo of a Friday night picnic dinner dessert we made together: cashew cream on top, and pecan date “crust” on the bottom. The crust was delicious but the kids didn’t like the cream. Thanks for listening, I had to get that off my chest.

What do you think about processed sugar and it’s health consequences?

I would love to hear in the comments.

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