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Effective natural remedy for mastitis

The first time I got mastitis my oldest daughter was only two weeks old.

I went to the doctor and did as he told me: antibiotics, for ten days! Taking a whole course of antibiotics while recovering from birth is a big blow. It really wore me down.

For the first time I noticed how, while curing the mastitis, the antibiotics took a big toll on every other part of my body. One of my teeth started hurting, my tummy was uncomfortable for a couple of weeks, an old sore in my leg started to act up, and I was extra tired, to name a few.

Antibiotic is a two-edged sword, it kills the pathogen very effectively (as of now…) and at the same time, it kills a lot of non-pathogenic bacteria that are crucial in keeping us healthy. It is especially harmful to gut bacteria balance.

The next time I felt it coming I was lucky to be part of a super Facebook group that discusses natural remedies and DIY natural cosmetics. I asked the wise women in the group and one woman gave me a great remedy.

Turmeric. Yes, it is such a strong anti-inflammatory that it beat the mastitis! I took half a teaspoon of raw honey and loaded the rest of the spoon with dried turmeric powder and ate it. It didn’t taste delightful but if worked like a charm. I did that every two to three hours and felt better within half a day!!

Natural remedy for mastitis:

½ a teaspoon of honey

½ a teaspoon of turmeric powder

Take the honey in the spoon and fill the rest with the turmeric powder.

Repeat every two to three hours.

Feel better! Let me know if it helped in the comment section below….

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