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I love doing themed meals for the kids, but I can’t really justify spending too much time on it.

While the kids are always so excited and eager to eat anything that has been brought into a theme, I really only have the length of a craft to get six lunches completely made and ready to eat.

This healthy heart-themed lunch for kids is quick and easy, while also avoiding the sugary traps that often plague themed lunches! At first, I started with omelette rolls because I wanted them to have enough time to cool before lunch. You want a cohesive, flat omelette that is still airy and light, so whisk your eggs well before adding them to a well-buttered or oiled pan. Using a spatula, turn up the edges slightly to check when the omelette is cooked through enough to gently (and quickly!) flip.

Once cooked, slide the omelette out onto a flat surface to cool until you can handle touching it, and then tightly roll two sides of the omelette together to meet in the middle.

Poke toothpicks through the omelette at different lengths to hold it secure and then cut into small pieces with a sharp knife.

I made a simple fruit salad of cut up grapes and strawberries, and then coated them in some plain yogurt.

This is my trick to getting my “pick out the things you don’t like” eaters to eat the whole fruit salad – and it also helps the fruit stick to a spoon better!

Next, I quickly sauteed some spinach and topped it with a strawberry cut into the shape of a heart. I used a knife, but a heart-shaped cookie cutter would work well.

This healthy lunch for kids would be perfect for Valentine’s day, or anytime that you want to remind your children that they are loved.

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