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Homemade Onion Powder

I invited my friends over for lunch one Saturday and they walked in with a big bag of onions, a surprising hostess gift. They were about to go bad, most of them already had a soft brown layer, and they wouldn't be able to finish them all before they went to waste.

My dehydrator was cranking at the time (crispy pecans and watermelon leather) so it got me thinking. Dehydrated onions can last for a very long time, and onion powder can add oniony flavor when cooking or concocting. Onion powder is also great for adding onion flavor to receive a that are not cooked or that you don't want the onion texture.

Why DIY and not buy?

Did you ever hear me use the quote “depart from evil and do good”? It's a quote from psalms I learned from one of my teachers and I find it more applicable and relevant every day. Choosing to DIY and not buy, in this case, onion powder is both keeping the bad stuff out and replacing it with a healthy nourishing product.

Store-bought seasoning very often has additives that range from cornstarch to msg and other flavor enhancers. Cornstarch acts as a filler: so when you think you are buying a bag of onion powder you are actually only buying half a bag of onion powder and then half a bag of cornstarch. If you try to avoid GMO corn or just want to get a powerful flavor, then conventional onion powder should be off your shopping list.

So by making our own, we avoid msg, cornstarch, save money and end up using a highly superior product. Depart from bad and do good. (I find the word evil is too strong and not such a good translation from the original Hebrew verse)

So I sat down the next night and sliced them all very thin on the mandolin and dehydrated them. It was easy and very successful.

Homemade onion powder

10 onions sliced very thin (I use a mandolin)

Place a single layer of sliced onion on each dehydrator tray (or on parchment paper in the oven- set the oven to low and use the turbo setting). Set dehydrator to 75F and dehydrate until the onions are completely dry and break like a potato chip when bent.

Store in an airtight container. When needed grind a handful of dry onions to make a powder.

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