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If life gives you lemons, make lemon preserves!

Life gave me lots of lemons: our trees, my sister’s tree, the CSA. I didn’t want them to go to waste so...

So here are two ways to preserve an abundance of lemons:

1) Lacto-fermented, lemon. Cut lemons in slices or wedges and toss them in sea salt and paprika. Then press them into a jar. Press down until the lemon pieces are covered in liquid. Allow sitting for three days on the counter to ferment before refrigerating.

2) lemons in oil: Oil is a great preservative as it keeps out air and moisture. Cut lemons into slices or wedges and cover with olive oil. During the winter this keeps without refrigeration but in our hot summer I transfer the jar to the refrigerator.

Both are great for cooking, for adding to dips or just using as a condiment.

How do you preserve your harvest?

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