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Sweet n' Spicy Tea for Respiratory Support

Do you also feel you or your kids get a cough and just cough for weeks during the winter? I put together this respiratory support tea mix for them to help speed up their healing. It’s made with cinnamon, licorice, and ginger and it has a wonderfully sweet and mildly spicy flavor.

Cinnamon: Is the bark of a fast-growing tree native to Sri Lanka and India, it is high in essential oils and tannins. Because of its warming and stimulating it is used to boost vitality, improve circulation and clear congestion. In addition, cinnamon is a powerful antiseptic, with antiviral and antifungal properties, and therefore used in case of viral infections and colds and flu.

Licorice: An extremely sweet root that has many medicinal properties that benefit a congested respiratory system. First, it is an expectorant, which means it helps loosen the mucus in your airways so you can cough it out more easily. Second,flu it has antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties as well as mucilaginous materials that soothe irritated and inflamed tissue, such as sore throats or bronchial inflammation.

Ginger: Ginger is one of those herbs that I would recommend taking to a deserted island if you can only choose one. It is highly effective and versatile both medicinally and culinarily. It is spicy, hence warming, and is effective at decongesting and activating the immune system. Great to use in cases of colds, flus, respiratory congestion, and sore throats.

Sweet and Spicy Tea for Respiratory Support : 1 part crushes cinnamon sticks ½ part ginger slivers ½ part licorice shreds Mix dry ingredients and store in an airtight jar. Steep 1 tbsp in a cup of boiled water for 5 minutes. Sip and enjoy.

Guess what? My kids didn’t like it. I ended up making a syrup using similar ingredients. Check out the post soon.

What do you do for coughs? Pls share in the comments.

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