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Who’s the fire starter?! I’m the fire starter!

Every Thursday we make a bonfire at the community garden in our neighborhood, we bake pita on a sag (it’s like an upside-down wok) that we put over the fire.

During the winter it gets a little challenging to light the fire at times when the ground is wet. To ease the pressure (15 hungry kids who want to bake their pita asking when the fire will be ready) I made these fire starter pine cones. They are made using a mixtures use for candles of beeswax and grape seed oil. The beautiful green color is made using eucalyptus leaf powder that I mixed in with the melting wax mixture.

They are also very decorative and make a lovely centerpiece on a winter table.

Firestarters: (This recipe makes about 5)

- 150 grams beeswax - 1/3 cup grapeseed oil - 2 tbsp eucalyptus powder

Melt wax and oil together in a double boiler. Place a pine cone in silicone mold or paper-lined cupcake pan. When melted add eucalyptus powder. Pour mixture over the pine cones to create a layer about 1 inch thick at the bottom of the pan. Allow drying completely before remove from the pan/mold.

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