• 100% Hand Made and Natural - Healthy Home Helper brings you the highest quality natural rattan and pine brotform, crafted with nails. No glue, chemicals or dyes are used in the manufacture of this product. 9 Inches Diameter x 3.5 Inches Height - Suitable for a 2lb round loaf.
  • Make your Bread stand out - Our unique proofing basket allows you to 1. Bake smooth bread by proofing dough with the linen liner we have provided or 2. Use the basket without the liner to get the natural lines of the basket and the unique pattern of the wooden base which gives extra strength and durability to the basket.
  • Bonus Dough Scraper - an essential tool for all bread bakers. Use it to remove the dough from the mixing bowl, slicing the dough to divide into smaller pieces or cutting marks in the dough before it is baked to make a pattern.
  • Whatever Bread you make will come out better in our Proofing Basket - Proofing your bread on the table allows the bread too much freedom. So whether you’re making artisan, rustic, brown, white or sourdough bread - Use your basket and do it the traditional way like the professionals in France and Italy.
  • Various Sizes and Shapes - Buy for yourself or for any home baker or professional baker. You will delight them with this basket. For bread with a crispy crust that is a delight to look at and eat. You have nothing to lose. If you are unhappy in any way just return for a full refund.

Proofing Basket with Pattern Wood Bottom for Perfect round Sourdough