• COMPLETE STAINLESS STEEL COOKWARE SET: Why spend money buying every baking cookware item separately when you can get them all in one package? Including a baking sheet, oven rack and silicone pastry mat, this is a perfect baking kit for every cook!
  • THE ULTIMATE BAKER\'S BIG QUARTER SHEET STAINLESS STEEL PAN: This large baking sheet will not warp at high oven temperatures. Made of 201 stainless steel that is stronger and less elastic than others due to its low nickel and increased manganese composition. The sheet has a fortifying ridge along the bottom edge to further hold its structure. Heavy-duty, stainless steel tray is a must-have for every home or restaurant kitchen.
  • A BAKING RACK & MAT THAT KEEPS YOUR TREATS INTACT! A custom-fit cooking rack that fits perfectly on the included baking sheet. This cooling wire rack is made to outlast all your previous ones! Premium fortified welding on the rack's bars to avoid warping and corrosion. Bonus reusable silicone baking mat can be used for anything from bread and cookies to roasted veggies. Made with fiber core encased in silicone for extra durability and no ridges or grid making it very easy to scrub clean.
  • THE ULTIMATE BAKER\'S SHEET PAN: bigger quarter / half Sheet pan size: 11.5"*15.5" (inner:10.5*14"). Commercial Cooling Rack size: 10"*13.8"*0.6". Silicon Mat size:6.9:*12.8". Oven and Dishwasher safe product and nontoxic unlike ceramic or other coatings. Recommended for roasted turkey or baking fress ban.
  • 100% SATISFACTION OR YOUR MONEY BACK: Our stainless steel cookware set is backed by our 100% no questions asked money-back guarantee! So why wait? Grab your baking set today, pamper yourself and take your cooking skills to the next level! even in your camper when traveling the USA.

Stainless Steel Sheet Pan 15.5 x 11.5 inch Cooling Rack & Silicone Baking Mat