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My mission is to create a healthy home for my family and to help you do the same.
I share my experience and recipes relating to gardening, raising animals, natural remedies,
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I began to work at an educational eco farm teaching kids (and myself) how to garden, compost, build soil, recycle, reuse, cook, and make fires. I learned a lot while working on the farm. Here was where I attended my first permaculture course, with a wonderful teacher Talya Shneider. I have since attended Geoff Lawton’s permaculture course with Ahuvi (My love).

Ester, the wise woman who gave me the first taste of this world taught me that becoming healthier, in both body and mind, is a twofold process. She used this verse to sum it up: “Depart from evil and do good” Psalms 34:14. First, she taught get rid of products and behaviors that are harmful, and next embrace those that nourish, enhance, and allow oneself to grow and become healthier. The more time goes by the more applicable I find that teaching.


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