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Grey complexion? This is for you.

This quick and simple facial scrub exfoliates your skin and has a gentle lightening effect.

How does it work?

- Salt: A wonderful exfoliating agent. Physically removing dead skin cells, enhances blood flow and origination of the skin and leaves your skin smooth and deeply clean. A good quality sea salt will be very rich in minerals as well. - Lemon Juice: A very gentle acid wash for your skin. Also effective in removing dead cells and cleansing deep in your skin. The vitamin C can slowly level out different pigmentation on your skin.

Facial Citrus Scrub:

1) Mix 1 tbsp of fine sea salt and 2 tbsp of fresh lemon juice. 2) Gently massage your face and neck. 3) Leave the scrub on your skin for 30 seconds to allow the skin to absorb the vitamins in the juice and the minerals in the salt. 4) Wash clean and use your favorite natural moisturizer.

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