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Homemade Bullion Powder

I am so happy bone broth has become a staple in our home. I have hoarding tendencies, I really don't like throwing things away. Too often this results in piles and bags of junk in closets and storage. But when I learned that I can take the bones from the meat we finished eating and use it again to create a super nourishing staple for our family, I was hooked. Now we always keep a bag of bones in the freezer, once it's full enough or the broth is running low I prepare another pot of broth.

I invited my family over last week to celebrate my mother’s birthday. My love roasted to whole chickens and carved them. We were left with two carcasses which we put straight into the broth pot. Since I already had a few jars of broth on hand (I keep jars in the freezer) I decided to make this batch of broth into bullion powder.

Benefits of Homemade bullion powder:

Long shelf life, good for emergency storage or for that moment when you put your hand in the freezer to pull out a jar of broth and discover you used the last one.

Concentrated- a little bit goes a long way

Great for camping and traveling

Healthy homemade fast food- add water and some cooked veggies and you have instant soup.

Homemade Bullion Powder:

Follow the instructions for making bone broth, but use only a half to ⅔ of the water suggested.

Strain the broth and place it in the fridge once cool.

Peel the fat off the top of the broth with a broad spoon.

Place defatted broth in a wide-bottomed pot and simmer without the lid until your broth is a paste. This stage varies in time. If your broth is concentrated it may take two hours, if the broth is diluted it could take up to seven hours.

When it begins to thicken watch closely and stir often as it could burn easily. Once it is pasty rove from flame.

Line dehydrator/oven racks with parchment paper and spread broth paste on paper.

Place in a dehydrator and dehydrate for a few hours (2-6 hours) on medium heat.

About an hour in flip the paste in order to dehydrate the other side.

It is ready when the paste is brittle and brakes into pieces.

Brake into pieces and grind in a coffee grinder or mortar and pestle. Store in an airtight container.

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