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Natural ear infection remedies

Here is a quick post with four ear infection remedies that I use for my kids. During fall and winter, I used these at least three times. One of my son’s first words was ear. He saw me coming near him with the jar of lavender tea tree oil and said ‘ear’ for the first time. (I love that kid!!) It comes in handy. These remedies were not tested on laboratory animals but they were tried on my kids.

The key to treating ailments naturally is to catch them early. As soon as I notice one of my kids pulling on their ears or complaining about ear pain, having difficulty sleeping I use one of these remedies or conjunction of them. I have found them to be very effective.

Lavender tea tree ear drops

  • 30 ml sweet almond oil

  • 5 drops lavender essential oil

  • 5 drops tea tree essential oil

Drip two drops in each ear and massage the ear (not in the ear…)

I have also used this oil to help heal mastitis. I rubbed it on the spot that hurt while taking a turmeric remedy.

Onion ear drops

Pretty straightforward:

Grade a fresh onion, collect the liquid and use a Q tip or a droplet to drip one drop into each ear.

Garlic olive oil

  • 50 ml ofRutacross-contaminate olive oil

  • 4 garlic cloves

In double boiler heat oil with chopped garlic in it for about 15 minutes. Allow cooling and drip 3-4 drops in each ear.

Common rue olive oil

Make an infused olive oil using the common rue plant (ruta-gravelens). (Learn how to make an infused oil here)

Drop two drops in each ear and massage the ear.

Common rue in our garden.

*Important to note for all the universe remedies: Make sure not to cross contaminate, so use a new Q Tip or wash the droplet between ears.

Salt pillow

Salt is a desiccant, and that is what the salt pillow does to the infection, it absorbs the fluids and relieves pressure in the ear.

500 grams of Kesha salt

Scrap fabric/ pillowcase

Fill pillowcase with salt. Or sew a pillow shape, leave a little space open, funnel in salt and sew shut.

Place the pillow under the child's head during the night.

Wishing you health and restful nights!

Do you have your own natural ear infection remedy? Or have you had any success using one of these? Please share your experiences in the comments below.

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