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Natural Spray Deodorant

This is a recipe that means a lot to me. It was the first product I made for ahuvi (my love) that beat the conventional one. And it was made possible

thanks to my dear sister’s homemade vanilla extract.

The natural world is not compartmentalized. There is no aisle dedicated to cleaning supplies, or body care products, or baking supplies, or medicine etc.

One of my favorite examples of this wholeness is vinegar: a great natural cleaner, hair softener, immune system booster and obviously great for salad or canning. Lavender is also a wonderful example of this oneness in nature.

I use it in my multipurpose cleaner (cleaning), when making soap and cream (body care), in-ear drops to help with ear infections (medicine) and I put fresh flowers in our tea (food). Food, medicine, cleaning products, and personal body care are all made using the same raw materials, amazing!

My sister (one of my many sisters) has truly golden hands. She is an artist, a baker, a chef, an amazing homemaker and much more. She makes her own vanilla extract, and not a tiny little bottle either.

She found an inexpensive supplier of vanilla pods and bought five bottles of vodka. She put 15 vanilla pods in a bottle and put them in her closet for six weeks.

Yep, that’s all it takes to make vanilla extract. She gave us one of the bottles as a gift, and it sparked an idea in my mind. So what if it’s from the ‘baking aisle’?! It’s a tincture I can use it in my natural spray deodorant recipe!

My husband has been asking for lavender patchouli vanilla smelling deodorant since I started making body care products.

So now I had all I needed. Here goes:

Natural spray deodorant:

120 ml of vanilla extract

40 ml calendula tincture

20 ml pine sap tincture

30 ml cypress tincture

30 ml of purified water

30 drops patchouli essential oil

15 drops lavender essential oil

3 drops lemongrass essential oil

2 drops sage essential oil

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