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Respiratory support syrup

My kids didn’t like cough relief tea but they loved this:

After the unsuccessful attempt to make a tea mixture designed to help ease the kid's coughs (see the Sweat n’ Spicy Respiratory Support Tea) I decided to make a respiratory support syrup.

It is an elderberry syrup with added herbs that assist with congestion and also help with immune function. - Elderberries are full of antioxidants and wonderful for immune-enhancing herb to use during cold and flu season. The berries are also anti-viral and are useful in cases of upper respiratory symptoms. - Another wonderful herb in this syrup is thyme. Thyme is a great Mediterranean herb that's easy to grow and grows very fast especially when in full sun. Thyme is a powerful and effective disinfectant both internally and externally. According to herbalist Rosemary Gladstar is a great herb for treating coughs and chest complaints. In addition, it is rich in antioxidants and has a wonderful tonic effect, which means it supports the body's normal function. In addition, thyme has a positive effect in glandular health especially the thymus gland, making it supportive for immune function. - I added cinnamon because of its warming and stimulating qualities it is used to boost vitality, improve circulation and congestion.

Cough syrup, your kids will love this:

- ½ cup dried elderberries - ½ cup dried or fresh thyme - 5 cinnamon sticks broken up - 3 cups of water - 1 ¼ cup honey

Place all the herbs and the water in a pan and make a strong decoction. Allow it to cool and mix in the honey.

Take up to 4 spoonfuls a day, spread out not at once.

I added a spoonful to a glass of soda water and it tastes like root beer.

What do you do to relieve a cough?

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