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Revitalizing Face Scrub

Did you ever look in the mirror and feel your face was grey? Well, this evening I did. I needed something to revitalize my skin.

Our skin replaces all its cells in 28 days (!!!), and dead skin cells build up on our body. The scrub is made of an abrasive- meant to clean off all the dead cells, an oil- meant to add moisture to the skin to help tone and revitalize, and essential oils meant to heal and revive the deep layers of skin.

I opened my spice cabinet for some fine ground salt (Himalayan and or sea salt), I took dried powdered citrus peels and a jar of coconut oil. I made a quick scrub and was very happy with the results.

Revitalizing face scrub:

¾ jar filled with a mixture of salt and powdered citrus peels (at any ratio you choose)

Warm coconut oil enough to cover the scrub mixture (here the coconut oil is liquid in the summer

Sweet orange, geranium and lavender essential oils (6-15 drops into 15 ml of coconut oil)

Mix the salt and citrus peel in a jar. Cover with coconut oil, add essential oils and mix together. Let the oil drip all the way to the bottom of the jar and get all the scrub oily. Then add essential oils and mix to incorporate.

Wash face with soap and water then scrub with revitalizing scrub, tap dry and apply moisturizer.


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