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Scrub from leftover infused oil project

What do you do with the leftover plant matter after making an infused oil?

I decided to whip together a sugar scrub. I strained a chamomile infused oil the other day and decided I could use a scrub. So I transferred the “spent” chamomile into a bowl and added sugar and infused oils, both the chamomile infused oil and a rose-infused oil.

Why I love chamomile:

- It smells wonderful! - It’s safe for use at all ages. - It is a gentle hormone balancer, so it is great to use daily to support our hormonal system. For this use, it is especially great infused in oil. - Chamomile infused oil is also a bonus way to get extra minerals topically. - It is a wonderful gentle sedative in tea.

Wow! What a magnificent scent the rose and chamomile create together. I didn’t even add essential oils it was perfect as is.

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