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Are you a human with microbes, or microbes with a human shell?

Since a human body has ten times more microbe cells than human cells I would say that the question above isn’t just a tease. It’s a philosophical contemplation...

We can put that aside for now and agree we benefit from feeding our gut microbiome and taking probiotics in there to help balance the microbe population. According to Chiropractic Doctor Tom O’Bryan, author of ‘The Autoimmune Fix’ colorful vegetable contains prebiotic compounds that nourish the good gut bacteria. So eating a wide verity of colors is beneficial for a healthy gut. This recipe has red tomatoes, yellow and green peppers, and homemade Lacto-fermented pickles.

A chopped Mediterranean salad with a probiotic twist:

2 tomatoes 1 yellow pepper 1 green pepper 2 cucumbers 2 small pickles Olive oil Salt Black seed oil (optional but another great help for balancing negative gut bacteria)

Chop, mix and enjoy!!

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