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Best Herbs To Grow At Home

Herbs are essential in cooking in many ways as they add flavors to your dishes or even cocktail mixes. Aside from their relevance and usage, they are one of those plants that are easy to grow -- even when for those people who do not have green thumbs.

In this blog, you will know the top must-have herbs that you should grow at home.

Growing herbs at home are one of the best ways to keep yourself busy during this pandemic. You may get your hands dirty, but it will save you a lot of money! The smell of these herbs will attract beautiful butterflies to your backyard.

These herbs only need sunlight, regular watering during the warm weather, and good drainage. Continually harvesting the herbs will keep them shapely and encourage new growth. Some varieties will continue to grow throughout winter. With the annual herbs, you’ll be able to collect the seeds and replant them in spring.


Parsley is one of the easiest herbs to grow. It can be harvested anytime and it will just keep growing back like ferns. Planting parsley at home will give you a 12-month supply which you can use for your favorite recipes.

This plant needs to be positioned in the sun and it prefers moist soil. If the leaves on this plant start turning yellow, add some liquid fertilizer for a nutrient boost.


Rosemary is a tough herb that requires little attention. It will survive mostly in rainwater alone and can last for a number of years. You may plant this herb in a container or large pot in full sun.


This is an easy to grow herb and it will take over your garden if you are not careful. Mint only requires a little water and suitable for both direct sun and shade. Mints are best planted in containers. Please avoid using plastic pots in growing this herb as it will quickly become root-bound.


One of the more fragrant herbs to grow at home is basil. Basil grows well from seed when planted in full sun. It prefers moist, but well-drained soil and will require frequent pruning to encourage new growth.


Chives are tough, however, they are suitable in cool weather. Plant this during winter in full sun and keep the soil moist but make sure that it is well-drained.


This is another edible great plant to be added to your garden. Thymes should be planted in a sheltered position in full sunlight. It is available in several kinds such as lemon thyme and it can be harvested any time throughout the year just like parsley.


Full sun to part shade lover, oregano is a tough plant that will do well planted in the garden, as a ground cover, or in a pot. It won’t require much water and the more you harvest, the quicker and thicker it will grow.

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