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Covid-19 2021 Updates: Summer Activities You Can Safely Enjoy

Summer is in its fullest swing! This means all of the activities and fun memories that we experienced before the pandemic happened are tripping down to our memory lane. We have always wanted to recreate or at least enjoy every bit of it. However, since COVID19 still poses health risks, it may be wiser to stay safe at home.

This may not be a perfect idea for summer, but at least you can still do some exciting and fun activities at home or outdoors while observing and following social distancing and health protocols.

1. Go for a road trip, and rent a vacation house.

Although air travel has already resumed, it is still the best and safest way to hit the road instead of taking a plane ride full of random people. You can always drive up to your favorite vacation spot and book a safe vacation house. Explore the woods and enjoy campfires on a cozy evening with your family. Go fishing and kayaking to the nearest lake that you can get on and take a good photo of your son's fish that he first caught!

Tip: When traveling, please pack all of the essentials including first aid kids and extra sanitary products for safety.

2. Take your inflatables out!

If you have been wanting to go to the pool but afraid of the thought that the place is overpopulated? Then investing in an inflatable pool is a good idea! Choose a spot like your home garden where you can set up the pool and soak up for hours of fun in the water. Don’t forget to prepare snacks for your little swimmers to feast on once hunger kicks in.

3. Create a glamping space in the comforts of your own home.

Setup a glamping space and enjoy the summer night in your backyard! Set up those tents, bring foldable chairs, soft pillows. Build a campfire and bring a bag full of marshmallows for your smores!

Spending summer with your family does not have to be always expensive. The most important thing to remember is to develop and make that bond go stronger! After all, it is not what we brought to the table that we always remember, but the fun and happy memories that we keep in store for the rest of our lives.

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