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Guava Leaf: What Does It Cure?

If you wanted to know more about the benefits of Guava leaves, then you are definitely in the right place.

Many of us are aware of the benefits of guava, but we may not realize that even its leaves have various medicinal properties and therefore have many health benefits. Fresh guava leaves contain antioxidants, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and beneficial tannins, which is why it is considered a natural pain reliever. Chemical substances such as carotenoids, polyphenols, flavonoids, and tannins in guava leaves are very effective in treating different diseases.

Health benefits:

1. Lowers cholesterol level and may boost your heart's health

Guava fruit or leaf extract may have a positive effect on heart health by lowering blood pressure, decreasing bad cholesterol, and increasing good cholesterol. The higher levels of potassium and soluble fiber in guavas are also thought to contribute to improved heart health. According to research, if you drink guava leaf tea for three months in a row, you will lower LDL / bad cholesterol and triglycerides with no adverse effects on good cholesterol. Additionally, guava leaves are an excellent liver tonic.

2. Suited for people with diabetes

Guava extract may help improve blood sugar control in people with diabetes or those at risk. According to research conducted by the Yakult Central Research Institute in Japan, tea made from guava leaves can effectively lower blood sugar in diabetic patients by reducing α-glucosidase activity. In addition, it can also prevent the body's absorption of sucrose and maltose, thus lowering blood sugar levels. Drinking guava leaf tea for 10 to 12 weeks will lower blood sugar levels without increasing insulin production.

3. May aid indigestion

Guava is an excellent source of dietary fiber. Consuming guavas or guava leaf extract may prevent or reduce diarrhea and constipation. Powerful antibacterial agents can kill bacteria on the lining of the intestinal tract and prevent the bacteria from proliferating toxic enzymes. Guava leaves are mainly used for food poisoning and soothing, vomiting, and nausea.

4. Aids menstrual pain

Taking guava leaf extract daily may help decrease symptoms of painful menstruation, including cramps. Guava leaves generally relieve pain but are particularly helpful for dysmenorrhea, which is pain during menstruation, dysmenorrhea, or menstrual cramps. A larger study conducted in Mexico in 2007 showed that menstrual pain was significantly reduced compared with ibuprofen.

5. Fights cancer

The high levels of antioxidants in guava may help prevent the development and growth of cancer cells. Dr. Anju Sood said, "Guava leaf may reduce the risk of cancer," especially breast, prostate, and oral cancer because it contains a large amount of the antioxidant lycopene. Several studies have shown that lycopene plays an important role in reducing the risk of cancer.

Guava leaves as an alternative medicine:

#1 Treats diarrhea

To treat diarrhea, you must boil 30 grams of guava leaves and a handful of rice noodles in a glass of water, and then drink this solution twice a day. For dysentery, just cut off the roots and leaves of the guava plant and boil them at 90 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes. Filter the water and drink in moderation.

#2 Ease stomach pain and aids menstrual pain

Just boil 6-7 pieces of guava leaves in 1.5 liters of water & drink twice or thrice a day.

#3 Treats acne and whiten black spots

Guava leaves contain antiseptics, which can kill acne-causing bacteria. All you need to do is crush or grind some guava leaves and then apply them to the pimples and dark spots. Do this for a few days.

#4 Prevents hair loss

Boil some crushed guava leaves. Boil for about 15 to 20 minutes, until the water turns brown and becomes concentrated. Filter the extract and let it cool. Then use a cotton ball to apply the solution to the affected area. Gently massage the solution (not warm) into your scalp for at least 10 minutes and make sure that you cover all your hair with it. If you apply guava leaves on your hair it will make them soft and lustrous and also increase their volume.

Guava leaf tea is an important addition to your herbal regimen. It is especially useful if you have menstrual cramps, diabetes, or as an antidiarrheal medication. Also, you may want to drink one cup a day to boost your immune system and ward off the common cold and flu. Due to the high content of quercetin, this is a natural antihistamine, it is even useful for allergies and bronchitis. Guava leaves also show some hepatoprotective activity, which means that they are good for the liver. Some naturopathic doctors say that it can even help you fall asleep.


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