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How to keep your dog warm in the snow

Snow is one of those weathers that you either love or hate. Thankfully, us people can simply wrap up warm against the cold and try and stay relatively inside, but for dogs this isn’t possible.

With this in mind, what can us, as owners, do to help keep our dogs protected and warm in some of the coldest of weathers that we can experience?

Invest in a doggy jumper

Now, dogs might not be particularly keen on the latest fashions, but when it comes to keeping them warm and cosy in the cold weather, a doggy jumper could be the ideal investment

Not only are they great to give them an extra layer of warmth for when they need to leave the house, but they also make them look pretty cute too, which is a bonus for us owners.

Never make them sleep outside

There are not too many people who have their dogs sleeping outside, however, this does happen.

If the weather is forecast for snow and it is too cold for you to be comfortably outside, then the same is true for your dog, so you should definitely consider bringing them inside until the weather has improved.

Keep your dog’s fur trimmed

It might sound counter-productive, but despite the cold weather, you still need to keep on top of your regular grooming routine.

A dogs fur can get matted if left to grow too long, plus if it gets wet whilst running around in the snow, then it can take longer to dry and get them warm.

Not only this, but having long fur left around their paws can leave them with ice and snow trapped, which can be uncomfortable for your dog.

Don’t walk your dog in the snow for too long

If your dog is happy to go out for a walk, then you are going to have to cut their usual walk down.

Not only are they going to burn much more energy trying to stay warm as they walk (which will tire them out quicker) but also they are likely to get cold and wet during their walk, which will make them uncomfortable and make them then want to come inside and warm up.

What if it’s too cold to go outside?

Dogs can enjoy the winter months and in fact, some dogs love nothing more than running around in the snow.

However, if your dog doesn’t seem keen, or you are concerned that they are going to become too cold if you take them out, then you may want to reconsider.

Instead, you need to think of other ways to encourage them to exercise and help to curb the boredom of being stuck indoors.

You could play with their toys, or perhaps treat them to something new to play with, which will make sure that they feel happy and content, until the snow starts to thaw and they can start to go out again.

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