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Nourishing Raspberry Leaf Tea Recipe

This recipe creates 4 oz. of tea blend. One of the most helpful tools for home tea blending is a small kitchen scale. Measuring herbs by weight instead of volume enables you to maintain the accuracy and integrity of the blend! If you don't have a scale on hand, you can always order our 1 oz. sizes to help you estimate.


  • 1.5 oz. organic raspberry leaf

  • 1 oz. organic nettle leaf

  • 0.5 oz. organic rosehips

  • 0.5 oz. organic hibiscus flowers

  • 0.5 oz organic dried orange peel


Blend together all ingredients. Place 1-3 teaspoons of the blend in a tea strainer, tea filter, or other tea accessory of choice. Pour freshly boiled water over the blend and let steep covered for at least 5 minutes, or longer to taste. This blend is also wonderful iced!

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