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Save Lives Through Proper Handwashing

It has already been more than a year when Covid-19 affects the lives of the people. The survival rate is too stiff which led to hundreds of thousands of people dying. On the other hand, many survive from the virus too and one of the best ways is to prevent cross-infection from happening as much as possible.

Frequent handwashing is one of the best ways to avoid getting sick. It can prevent people from spreading illnesses that are caused by viruses and bacteria.

So when do we exactly wash our hands?

Your hands can accumulate so many germs in such a short time. Germs are everywhere and we can easily get them by touching other people, surfaces, and objects. We may get infected with these germs by touching our eyes, nose, or mouth -- the worse case is, we may be the carrier of an illness that can seriously affect our loved ones.

Always wash your hands before:

  • Preparing food or eating

  • Treating wounds

  • Caregiving a sick person

  • Wearing and removing contact lenses

  • Attending a child

Always wash your hands after:

  • Preparing your meal

  • Using the toilet

  • Changing diapers

  • Touching your pets

  • Coughing or sneezing

  • Treating wounds

  • Handling garbage

  • Handling pet foods or treats

  • Receiving packages

  • Exercising

  • Running outdoor errands

We are sure that you have already stepped up your hygiene compared to the good old pre-pandemic days. However, we should take extra caution and make sure that we get our hands clean on a daily basis.

Nowadays, it has been a necessity to invest in sanitizers, sprays, and any portable sanitizing tool or gadget for accessible sanitization. Alcohol-based sanitizers, that do not require water, are the best alternative when soap and water are not available. Just make sure that the product that you are using contains 60%-70% alcohol.

Washing your hands will provide great rewards in terms of preventing illnesses. Adopting this habit can play a major role in protecting your health and it can save many lives.


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