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Scented beeswax candles

We had such a good time making these this weekend! And even better time lighting them and playing with the citrus lemon balm smell diffusing in the room 😉.

These scented candles are customizable and can be made for different intentions. I used citrus and lemon balm essential oils for lifting our spirits. You can use eucalyptus and lavender for a more air purifying effect, or patchouli and rose for a romantic candle.

We decorated them with rose flowers, hibiscus flowers, lavender leaves, citrus peels, and cinnamon sticks. We liked the rose petal candle the most. It was beautiful but since I put four wicks on it burned so fast I didn’t get a good shot of it to show you.

150 grams beeswax 1/3 cup grapeseed oil 20 drops essential oils

Melt wax and oil in a double boiler. Prepare candle molds: put in the decoction you wish to use. Then tie a strand of wick to a stick and cut it to the proper length. It needs to reach the bottom of the mold in a straight line. Once the wax oil mixture has melted removed from the flame and add essential oils. Pour into molds and allow the candle to harden completely before removing the candle.

How did you spend your weekend? Any fun projects?

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