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Summer Activities For Kids This Summer

Summer is already tingling in our skin and it is quite hard to look for fun activities for our kids to do, considering that we are still dealing with the world health issue -- the Covid-19 virus.

This blog will show fun activities that your kids will enjoy this summer in the comfort of your own homes or in an open space.

If you are raising toddlers at home. This list of activities is perfect for your growing kids!

Simon/Simone Says

As a parent, you may take the lead to be the Simon of the activity. Teach your kids or let them imitate things that will develop their listening skills. You may ask them to hop like a rabbit, making silly faces, showing love to their siblings, and etc. The rules may be simple but the actions are endless.

Fly Kite

Buy or create a good kite. Find a wide-open space, in a park, beach, or backyard to fly your kite at. Make sure to pick a day that is breezy but not too windy. This activity will develop your child's running capabilities while watching their colorful toy flying up high.

Bubble Play

An ideal outdoor activity that will make use of various sizes and types of bubble wands. Let your kids blow their own bubbles or blow them and have you kids chase and pop those bubbles.


As early as this age, teach your kids to ride a bike. This is a fun activity, at the same time it will develop their cardiovascular efficiency.


Baking is a recreational activity that will help your kids develop their creative skills. From baking simple chocolate chip cookies, the gingerbread man, and even a beautifully moist cake.


Get into nature and encourage your kids to climb hills, jump over sticks, and balance on tree stumps.

Hide and Seek

Hide-and-seek is a popular children's game. Your kids may hide themselves or objects such as their favorite stuffed animals. This activity will develop your kid's agility.

Scavenger Hunt

For a different take on the traditional hunt, have kids search for hidden clues — then put them all together to discover a secret message. Bonus: This is a great one for siblings to attempt together!


Limbo is a popular game that requires a horizontal bar or rope. The basic rule of this game is getting low without touching the rope or bar. This activity will help develop your kid's balance.

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