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Tips For Staying Healthy While Working From Home

A lot of things have happened ever since COVID-19 took place. It affected a lot of people's way of living especially those who work in an office. To date, work from home has been the new normal. It was administered to avoid getting our health compromised. Thus, we need a healthy and hygienic routine in order to boost our immune system as well as our mental health, and at the same time keep us productive!

In this blog, you will learn some healthy tips that you can do while working in the comfort of your own homes.

1. Create your daily routine

Every one of us has a unique workflow. You need to consider your comfortability and take note of it. Make a to-do list that will help you on a daily basis. A list that will help you achieve the highest productivity point possible.

2. Invest in your health and wellness

We are not getting enough vitamins and minerals that we need from the food that we eat on a daily basis. That is why it is important to invest in vitamins and food supplements. Vitamins and minerals are considered essentials. It is a basic need of every human body. Some brands might be expensive, but it is better to invest in good-quality products especially when it promotes the greatness of our well-being.

It is also good to create a workout schedule. We do not only need vitamins and minerals but we also need to maintain a good life and work balance.

3. Work on your sleep schedule

Getting enough sleep is one of many other ways to boost our immunity. Furthermore, getting enough sleep will lower your stress levels. Having low stress levels will promote good communication and will your work productivity.

4. Build a comfortable workplace

Investing in good chairs and table is a necessity when working at home. You will be sitting for a very long time and it is best to invest in seats that will make you feel like a king for hours. Build or buy a table with a built-in cabinet so you will be able to keep important documents, paperwork, etc. that is only a hand away.

While you have the most comfortable chair in the world, please do not forget to maintain cleanliness in your working area too.

5. Do not skip meals

We are not new to skipping meals especially when we have a deadline to catch. However, working on an empty stomach will possibly lead to tardiness and inefficiency. That is why, no matter how busy you are, you need to grab some crackers or your favorite peanut butter and jelly sandwich to get through on your tight schedule.

6. Draw a line between work and home life

There are possibilities that you tend to carry the stresses that you encounter when working and forget that there is a family that will be waiting for you when your shift ends. During these times, we should remember that we also have responsibilities outside of work. As a professional, we do not carry our problems at work and as a decent and responsible human being, we do not let our family experience things that may create an unhealthy family environment.

7. "ME" time

If we come to think of it, working from home is a huge privilege because we can do things that we are not allowed to do when working in the office. However, taking serious precautions in battling Covid-19 can be exhausting. We are not allowed to be in contact with our friends and even families. As much as possible, we need to refrain from attending parties, weddings, and any form of gatherings. Putting these reminders into consideration can be a huge stress and will lead to a mental breakdown especially when you are an extroverted person.

It is very important to give ourselves some time to relax and enjoy doing our hobbies such as cooking, watching movies, baking, playing games, gardening, reading books, and etc. Remember that, self-care is not selfish; you want to take a good and relaxing bath with a glass of wine? Do it! Do you want to buy that alluring dress? Go and swipe that card. Sometimes, we have to treat and pamper ourselves. It releases happy hormones that make us look glowy and stress-free, and eventually boost our immune system.


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