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What Do You Know About Insulin Plant?

Insulin Plant

Insulin plant is a recent introduction to India from America and it is widely sold in herb nurseries, if you ask for insulin plant you will be able to buy the plant easily. It is perennial upright plant with attractive flowers and spirally arranged long leaves. Here in Southern India, the plant is grown for both ornamental and medicinal purposes (mainly for diabetes).

Insulin Plant Common Names

The botanical name of insulin plant is Costus Igneus, many know it as only insulin plant in Tamil Nadu but some call it Kostum too. It is called Jarul | Keukand in Hindi.

Insulin Plant Medicinal Uses

1. Insulin Plant For Diabetes

The leaves of the plant is very very popular for it’s use in treating diabetes as it reduces the blood sugar levels very very effectively, that is why it is aptly named as insulin plant.

Usually one leaf of the plant is taken for treating diabetes and I found more than 15 clinical studies to prove this use!

2. Insulin Plant For Diabetes Induced High Cholesterol

Insulin plant leaves when taken by diabetic patients not only reduced their blood sugar levels, it also brought the diabetes induced cholesterol levels down which is huge added benefit.

3.Insulin Plant Antioxidant Properties

Insulin plant also has wonderful anti oxidant properties which is especially useful for diabetic patients as it helps to reverse the oxidative stress of the liver, kidney and pancreas caused due to diabetes. Costus igneus also has anti microbial, diuretic and cancer preventing properties.

Insulin Plant Side Effects

Even at very large doses insulin plant doesn’t cause mortality but at certain levels it does get toxic. Prolonged use of insulin plant leaves at large doses will lead to toxicity. I would kindly suggest using insulin plant leaves in the correct dosage and to monitor your blood sugar levels closely while taking it. It is also best to take it under expert guidance.

Different Forms of taking Insulin Plant Leaves

1. Insulin Plant Leaf

Chew one fresh leaf of insulin plant to reduce blood sugar levels.

2. The Insulin Plant Tea

If you are not able to chew on the fresh leaf, you can make a decoction by pounding one leaf and boiling it in water till it reduces in half.

3. The Insulin Plant Powder

You can also make a powder of the plant by collecting the leaves, shade drying them and then powdering in a dry mixer to get a very very fine powder. The usual recommended dosage for the powder is 1/2 to 1 tsp per day.


  • The dosage given is general and I would strongly suggest consuming the leaves under medical supervision.

  • If you still want to take the leaves on your own, I would suggest monitoring your blood sugar levels closely and starting at the lowest dosage…

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