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#8 The Medicinal Uses of Ginkgo Biloba

What is Ginkgo Biloba?

Ginkgo, commonly known as ginkgo or ginkgo, also known as ginkgo tree, is a tree species native to China. It is the only extant species in the order Ginkgo, which first appeared more than 290 million years ago.

What are the common benefits of Ginkgo?

Ginkgo can improve blood flow to the brain and act as an antioxidant. These effects may translate to some benefits for certain medical problems, but the results have been mixed. Some studies have found that in healthy people, ginkgo can moderately improve memory and cognitive speed.

Ginkgo Biloba has many benefits and it has been used as a traditional Chinese medicine for about a millennia.

Here are some reasons why you should take Ginkgo Biloba:

1. Protects kidneys

The job of the kidneys is to filter your blood. They remove waste, control the body's fluid balance, and maintain proper electrolyte levels. All the blood in your body passes through them several times a day. The blood enters the kidneys, removes waste products, and adjusts salt, water, and minerals if necessary. Ginkgo biloba has kidney protection, which means it can protect the kidneys from damage. Ginkgo can help these organs after exposure to toxins, such as the widely used herbicide glyphosate, as well as mercury, uranium, and naphthalene. It can also help prevent the formation of toxins related to liver disease in the intestines.

2. It has anti-aging and antioxidant properties

The healing properties of ginkgo can help different parts of the body during the aging process. Most of Ginkgo's anti-aging power seems to come from its antioxidant content. Aging can cause oxidative damage to DNA, proteins, lipids, and other macromolecules, and the antioxidants in Ginkgo biloba extract can be effective against oxidative stress associated with aging.

3. Supports sexual function

Ginkgo usually has a positive effect on all 4 stages of the sexual response cycle: desire, arousal (erection and lubrication), orgasm, and subsidence (afterglow). This study stems from the observation that an elderly patient took ginkgo biloba to improve memory and found that the erection effect was better. Ginkgo may be especially useful for men and women experiencing sexual side effects from certain medications. Supplementing with Ginkgo biloba extract can help with sexual health issues.

4. Supports brain health

Among its many uses, Ginkgo biloba is known for supporting brain health. Ginkgo extract provides support for people with mild cognitive problems. For people who become more forgetful in middle age and later, ginkgo can improve cognitive functions, especially memory and the ability to focus on tasks. Ginkgo supplements can also support healthy brain function in people with cognitive problems or those who are dealing with age-related brain changes.

5. Enhances your mood

Ginkgo is a good auxiliary herbal medicine for the treatment of anxiety. It is the main herbal medicine for improving tissue perfusion, enhancing cognition, antiplatelet activity, and neuroprotection. The same chemical constituents that make this herb good for the brain when it comes to memory and cognition can also help you maintain a positive mood.

Homemade Ginkgo Tea Recipe:


  • Ginkgo biloba - 30 g of dried leaves

  • water


  1. Boil 2 cups of water in a medium-sized pot. Remove from the stove and add the ginkgo biloba leaves.

  2. Leave them to brew for 10 min., strain the tea and serve right away.

  3. You can add a little honey if you like.

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